I have a passion to see the church for which Christ died, reach it's full potential. In an era when more churches are being closed than are being planted, I see an acute need to bring existing churches to health and productivity in building the Kingdom of God. I want to see them catch a fresh vision for which God has uniquely created them and see them develop strategic plans to see that vision become a reality. One of the essential signs of life is the ability to reproduce. I want to see disciples, groups, leaders and churches come to life and multiply.

I also see a desperate need for more churches. While many church planting efforts are started, large majorities fail to thrive or don't survive at all. I believe that coaching is critical for church planters who often have had little training and even less support as they launch their churches. Walking with church planters to help them avoid the pitfalls and undertows is a privilege and deep desire of mine.

I specialize in executive ministry coaching where I generally meet once per month with a client to strategize and set goals for personal and organizational change. Monthly fees vary (usually between $100 and $150) depending on your situation and appointment frequency.

Areas in which I enjoy coaching leaders include:

Jeannette Buller Slater
Phoenix, Arizona
Ph 1.602.246.7237
Fax 1.413.403.2878

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"Jeannette makes a strategic contribution to advance God's kingdom. She combines practical,
hands-on experience with a wisdom that increases the effectiveness of other leaders. The impact of her ministry extends beyond Phoenix to the world through research, writing, teaching and coaching. I highly value her partnership in the gospel."

Bob Logan
Executive Director
CoachNet Int'l Ministries.

"Jeannette is able to develop a caring,
trusting, firm and compassionate environment where leaders come to fully understand God's
calling in their lives. Jeannette's coaching enabled me to find
more meaning and purpose in my ministry."




"Living in a loving relationship with Jesus Christ, my purpose is to cultivate that relationship in a way that results in bringing glory to God through equipping and strengthening his church, so that the church can effectively reach the world for Christ. Coaching and training Christian leaders allows me to participate in the building of the Kingdom of God in ways that use my God-given gifts and fulfills the call God has placed on my life. Walking with leaders through positive change and growth is both a joy and a privilege."