"I wholeheartedly recommend Jerry for lifestyle coaching. During my time with Jerry, he has been able to discern important issues quickly and help me work through them with grace and insight. He has also challenged me to become more than I thought possible. Being coached by Jerry was far better than my expectations. I was not only given tools to enrich my life, but I was able to have someone walk with me implementing them and giving valuable input so that the changes become a lifestyle change, and not just a temporary fix."

Rev. Keith Edwards, CD/HM Director, Potomac District Assemblies of God

We all need relationship, perspective, encouragement, and accountability to reach our maximum potential. A coach can help you sort out what are the most important issues in your life, help you get "unstuck" and provide a sounding board when you need an outside perspective.
Life is intended to be a "team sport," and coaching is built on the power of relationship.

Coaching is a partnership between two equals, one of whom has some specialized training and life experiences that can challenge the other to move toward their destiny. We all have blind spots, and all too often our friends are reluctant to point them out to us. These blind spots could be the very things that are keeping us stuck where we are. We all need support, encouragement, and accountability when we are making a significant change in our life or in the way we do things. A big part of what coaching provides is accountability—that extra nudge to follow through on what you know you need to do.

My standard coaching package is three - 1 hour sessions for $450 per month. I also offer a basic package of two sessions per month for $300.

Dr. Jerry Graham
Virginia Beach, Virginia
757-482-4490 (E.S.T.)
www.TheCoachingPair.com (Jerry's personal site)

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"As The Pastor's Coach, my passion is helping God's shepherds be all that He has destined them to be. I coach pastors to reach goals they've set for themselves as well as for their churches. Do you want to grow your church numerically or spiritually? Do you want to refocus your ministry, deepen relationships with family, or draw closer to God? Do you battle discouragement, loneliness, or frustration? I can help you examine, evaluate, and deal with the difficult issues that all pastors face."