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A job change or major transitional season in life can be a challenge to navigate. In addition to the change itself, in difficult transitions you often lose access to those you've counted on for support in the past.

It can make a big difference to have a coach to help you bring closure to the old and walk forward confidently into the new things God has for you.

The Smooth Your Transition package from Coaching Pastors does just that. With the help of your coach, you'll develop a personalized transition plan that gives you what you need to grab hold of the future God has for you. You'll talk about the stages of transition, how your current changes fit into God's overall plan for your life, and what are the critical issues you need to address to have a successful transition. Your personalized plan can include:

This package includes nine—45 minute coaching sessions, unlimited e-mail contact, and the tools and exercises you choose from the list below. Purchased as a package, Smooth Your Transition is only $695.00 U.S. Your eight-session plan can include up to four of the following tools:

Transitions are not interludes to be endured, but rich times of growth where God wants to draw you to a deeper lover relationship with him. Transitions are where God builds the foundation needed for the next season in your life and leadership. Coaching Pastors will help you make the most of the opportunity your transition affords!

Church planting is a lonely business! Most church planters get to the field and find themselves feeling very alone and unsure about where to put their energies for maximum effectiveness. Although they may have "supervision" from up-line sponsors, they lack someone who will objectively help them strategize and plan for effective church planting and support them through the process. The Church Planter Coaching package can do just that.

Regardless of where you are in the church planting process, your coach will walk with you and encourage you every step of the way. You will be able to discuss with your vision and values, your entry strategy for pre-launch evangelism, how to gather your core team, and your plans for public celebration. Together you will develop a strategic timeline for seeing your dreams become a reality. This package is only $770.00 U.S.

You will receive:

Church planting is hard work and is a great investment of time, energy and money. Studies show that one of the most significant things a church planter can do to increase their effectiveness as a church planter, is to engage in a coaching relationship. Make your investment in church planting pay off with coaching!

You've read the book Natural Church Development by Christian Schwarz, you've heard of other churches taking the NCD survey, and…you've wondered why you didn't see any change in their churches. The missing ingredient may have been coaching!

Natural Church Development provides one of the best assessments available today to evaluate the health of your church. Just as going to a doctor for a health checkup is highly recommended, so is an assessment of the health of your church. But going to a doctor doesn't make you healthy…you have do something about it!

Your coach will help you and your church health team administer the survey to your congregation and review with you the results of the health survey. From there you and your team will be coached through the final selection of a church health team and then you will engage in a process of in-depth evaluation to discover key issues that contribute to your score. You will develop a strategic plan to not just increase your score but to bring increasing health to your congregation. Following implementation, you will again take the NCD survey to assess the increase in the health of your church. Your coach will walk with you every step of the way, ensuring healthy positive change for your church. The total for this package of services is only $1650.00 U.S.

Your church will experience:

As pastor, you will receive

Natural Church Development has proven that healthy churches are growing churches. Why not discover the natural "all by itself" kind of growth potential that God has already placed in your church?

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"This whole experience made me fell lighter because I no longer felt I had to hide things. I guess the word is liberation."


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