At Coaching Pastors, we offer a range of services:

Here's what a personal coaching relationship looks like. You'll meet two to three times a month with your personal coach. You'll choose what you want to work on, the action steps you want to take, and set your own pace. The coach helps you focus your ideas into goals and action steps, offers a listening ear and challenging questions that get you thinking, and provides the support and accountability you need to follow through.

Each session begins with a progress report on your goals and action steps. Then you'll discuss next steps, generate options, troubleshoot obstacles, and develop a set of action steps you want to take before the next appointment. You are always in charge of what you want to work on!

We each have slightly different fee structures depending on the package of services you get. A standard ministry coaching package for a pastor including two hours of coaching sessions averages around $200 a month. See each coach's profile page for more details.

Generally, our packages include regular coaching sessions, unlimited e-mail contact and spot calls as needed between sessions. (Spot calls are quick 5-minute calls you can make anytime to share a win, ask for perspective or troubleshoot an obstacle). You'll also get a free subscription to our coaching newsletter. Because it takes a little time for you to realize the full benefits of having a coach, we require an initial commitment of three months of coaching.

Starting a coaching relationship is easy. Just choose the right coach, contact that individual, and go from there. If you want more information, call us at 757-482-4490. If you want to kick the tires a little before you make a commitment, sign up for a free complementary session.


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"I had lots of good friends, but none who were helping me in the areas I needed to grow…I could fool a lot of people because I'm authentic up to a point. I found that I wasn't as transparent as I thought… and that God wants me to have those kinds of relationships in my life."

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