Want to see for yourself what it would be like to have a coach? Take a free, no-obligation coaching test drive! Coaching Pastors offers a 30-minute complimentary session for those interested in finding a coach, to give you a better picture of what coaching can do. We'll spend a few minutes getting to know each other, then your coach will work with you for 20 minutes on an area you'd like to talk about. We'll finish up by answering your questions and explaining the nuts and bolts of how to hire a coach.

Signing up is easy. Just choose a coach you want to work with, and contact that individual directly to schedule your session. You'll have one action step to complete before the appointment: Download the Comp Session Prep Form, spend about 15 minutes reflecting on the questions in it, and e-mail it to the coach before your appointment.

Set up your session with the coach of your choice today!

Tony Stoltzfus                  530-247-1313 EST         Tony@Meta-Formation.com
Jerry Graham                  757-482-4490 EST         Jerry@CoachingPastors.com
Jeannette Buller Slater    602-246-7237 MST        Jeannette@CoachingPastors.com
Ron Marsh                       831-662-2779 PST         Ron@CoachingPastors.com

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"Sometimes I wonder if I'm making progress, but then I look back to where I was at 5 months ago and think, man, I've grown more in the last 5 months than in the previous 5 years."

Download the Comp Session Prep Form in Word rtf format.