As a pastor or ministry leader, you walk alongside many others, helping them grow, meet God in their circumstances, and live fully for Christ. Who is walking with you in your difficult times?

I specialize in working with senior leaders in painful transitions. Through my research into The Calling Journey and my own personal story, I've learned how God leverages suffering and adversity to build leaders into who they need to be to fulfill their destiny. Your circumstances are not random pain or a purposeless season to be endured: they are the vehicle God will use to bring you into the glory that you were created to walk in. Whether you've been fired from your church, are caught in a painful conflict, need to leave an abusive situation or simply feel like you are going nowhere, I'll help you discover heaven's perspective on your circumstances.

The key to engaging God in difficult seasons is to change your focus from doing to being; and from surface issues to the deep desires and core beliefs that drive your behavior. Together, we'll initiate an experiential conversation with Jesus where he'll fill your deep desires, draw you into himself and answer the Questions for Jesus you most want to ask. I love to coach people who want to:

Tony Stoltzfus
Redding, CA
530-247-1313 (P.S.T.)

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"Tony is truly an experienced and uniquely gifted coach. I most strongly recommend his services to anyone seeking to soar into their God-given destiny and purpose. He will coach you to your "true greatness."

Dr. Earle Brown
President/Founder Giving People Hope Int'l Ministries


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"My passion is helping leaders see and engage God's purposes in every situation. Too many pastors plateau, get burned or get frustrated and leave the ministry when those same circumstances, seen in terms of God's purposes, could propel them into an exponentially greater sphere of influence. When doing more of the same things isn't enough; when what you want is to be transformed as a person so your ministry can be transformed—call me, and we'll go there and meet God together!