Below are some free tools—articles, case studies, worksheets and more—that we've developed along the way.

Coaching Case Studies

Light and Life Church by Jeanette Buller Slater
Coaching the NCD process brings new life to a local church.

Vanguard Ministries by Jerry Graham
An apostolic network uses an innovative coaching approach to provide carer and accountability for pastors and parachurch leaders.

Communion Fellowship by Tony Stoltzfus
Destiny discovery and life purpose coaching activates leaders in a local church

Articles & Worksheets

The Envoy
Read our regular coaching column in the Vanguard Ministries Envoy.

Leadership 360 by Ron Marsh
A 360 degree feedback instrument designed to help ministry leaders evaluate and improve their effectiveness.

Vision: What's the Fuss? by Dr Jerry Graham
Developing a vision for your local church.

Show-How Training Agenda by Jeannette Buller Slater
Outlines the basic steps of successful training as you empower emerging leaders. The trainer can use it to coach, guide, list objectives, and make notes as the trainee progresses through the appropriate stages and takes on increasing amounts of responsibility.

Lifecycle of a Cell Church Plant by Jeannette Buller Slater
This worksheet outlines the seven different life-stages of a healthy cell-celebration church. Leaders may wish to use this worksheet to cast vision in the early stages of the church plant or to guide congregations along at crucial turning points in their development.

Cell Group Evaluation by Jeannette Buller Slater
This worksheet provides a means of evaluating cell groups. By rating their groups in the areas listed and answering the following questions, cell leaders can gain a more accurate, objective picture of the strengths of their group.

Skills Evaluation by Jeannette Buller Slater
This series of seven worksheets outlines the specific behavioral actions that make up the seven essential skill areas of cell church planting. These checklists are designed to help the planter evaluate his or her skill level in each of the following crucial areas: praying & expecting, visionizing & strategizing, evangelizing & gathering, shepherding & building community, training & multiplying, assembling & celebrating, and leading & managing.

More FREE Coaching Info

For more worksheets on Cell Church Planting see the Cell Church Planter's Guide by Jeannette Buller Slater and Bob Logan, (ChurchSmart Resources, 2001)

Download the flyer, What is Coaching? in Adobe Acrobat format.

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"Sometimes I wonder if I'm making progress, but then I look back to where I was at 5 months ago and think, man, I've grown more in the last 5 months than in the previous 5 years."

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