Coaching-based workshops offer a radically different approach to re-inventing leadership training. Designed around the way adult leaders learn, these workshops are a highly interactive, hands-on way to train your team in skills with immediate application. Based on role plays, modeling, feedback, and debriefing instead of lectures, participants get to practice new skills instead of just hearing about them. Coaching-based training is for you if:

Several our workshops are highlighted below.

Ready for a whole new approach to understanding and using spiritual gifts? The Discover Your Gifting workshop uses interactive learning games to demonstrate how gifts work. Instead of telling you about gifts, we'll show you the gifts in action in the people around you. A deeper understanding gifting can revolutionize your communication, help you deal with conflict, supercharge your teamwork and much more. You'll be amazed at how useful gifting is—and at how much you can learn in a day!     Download brochure.

"To me this information has been priceless, in my own life and in my experience of relating to others in the body of Christ. I couldn't put a higher recommendation on it..."                                                       Professional Counselor

Big Dreams is for people who dream about doing something world-changing, but nothing seems to be happening. What we don't realize is, God births big dreams in the crucible of ordinary lives. In this workshop we'll spend time examining how God prepared leaders like Abraham and Joseph through ordinary life circumstances, and intersprese this journery with application exercises that help you find your own place on the developmental timeline. This infusion of God's perspective can cut years of frustration off the journey young leaders travel toward their destiny.     Download Brochure.

"The most significant workshop I've ever been to."     Emerging Leader


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"These tools are something I've been looking for for years…with these tools I can take people farther than I ever have before."

Senior Pastor